The League of Human Rights in the Great Lakes region (LDGL) is a non-governmental organization with head office in Kigali, Rwanda, which aims at promoting and protecting human rights.

The LDGL is a regional organization established under Swiss law and created in May 1993 on the initiative of 22 civil society organizations acting in the fields of justice, human rights and development, in Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The LDGL works in close collaboration with its members within the scope of their activities in order to strengthen their competencies and their capacity for action.


The mandate of the LDGL is to « protect, safeguard and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Great Lakes region in order to create an environment conducive to justice, inclusion and lasting peace ».


LDGL works to build a society in the Great Lakes region where each and every citizen shall fully enjoy their rights and freedoms, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international instruments protecting human rights.


The LDGL acts in order to contribute to the promotion of the values of equality, respect for human rights and democratic principles necessary for sustainable development and lasting peace.

In this respect, LDGL has set itself the following objectives:

  1. Address root causes of structural injustices and rights violations affecting the rights of citizens in the Great Lakes region in the framework of human rights and democratic principles, in collaboration with national and international stakeholders;
  2. Advocate for the respect, promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms by government institutions in order to ensure that they remain guarantors of democratic principles;
  3. Strengthen the work of civil society organizations in sensitizing and claiming rights for the defence, promotion and protection of human rights in the Great Lakes region.